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Corporate Office

15 West End Avenue
Stamford, N.Y. 12167
T: (607) 652-7321
F: (607) 652-7293
E: info@catskillcraftsmen.com

If you are interested in becomming a retailer please contact us at
(607) 652-7321 or email us: info@catskillcraftsmen.com

If you are missing parts or have damaged parts do not return the unit to the store where you purchased it -- we will send replacement parts directly to you. We have a convenient email form: info@catskillcraftsmen.com that allows you to request the parts you need 24 hours a day. Most replacement parts are sent the same day via UPS.

If you would like to request parts over the telephone or need help with assembly, please call us at 607-652-7321 between 8am and 4pm EST, Monday thru Friday. If you are calling after hours, please leave a message – we return all calls.

Our Return Policy

Damaged or Defective Parts
Occasionally damage occurs in shipping, or a part may be defective. Please contact us regarding any issue you may have with your purchase as we can guarantee replacement
parts at no additional charge to you or, if necessary, complete replacements for damaged items. If your item appears to have been damaged by UPS in transit, accept delivery and contact us immediately. We will remedy the situation or refund your money.

Product Return Instructions
It is vitally important that you contact us before returning your purchased item. We will issue a Return Authorization Number (RAN). This number will be emailed to you along with return delivery instructions. Returned items must arrive no later than 10 days after the RAN has been issued.

For a full refund to be credited it must be within 30 days of sale date. The product must be completely unassembled, in its original packaging, in saleable condition, and shipped via UPS with shipping insurance. You are responsible for the return shipping cost. When you receive a tracking number from UPS, it must be emailed to us. This tracking number is our confirmation that the item has been shipped to us, and we can track the package if there are any delays. Although we expect the item delivered within 10 days after you have received your RAN, if there is an issue with the UPS delivery (weather, lost shipment, etc.) you won't be held responsible if, and only if, the tracking number has been emailed to us here at catskillcraftsmen.com. After the item is received and has been inspected, a full refund will be credited back to you.

If you want to return an item AFTER you have already assembled, or begun assembling it, please be advised that the item is now considered to be in not re-saleable condition, and a full refund cannot be made. A partial refund may be made, but it would be contingent on a full inspection of the returned product to see if any parts can be salvaged by the manufacturer, and then a refund would be made based on these findings. An inspection of an assembled (and then disassembled) or partially assembled product can take as long as two weeks and often results in a refund of a fraction of the original purchase price. To avoid a situation similar to this, we highly suggest that you completely examine the product you have purchased before beginning assembly. This way, if you see anything that would cause you to want to return the product, it can be done promptly and you can receive a full refund. We will make every effort to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase, so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your purchase.

Canceling Orders
We pride ourselves on expedient shipping and quick delivery. Therefore if you want to cancel an order, contact us immediately. We will make every attempt to cancel the order before it ships. Once it is shipped via UPS, however, we cannot cancel the order, and it must be returned following the Product Return Instructions above. After your order is cancelled, or the product is returned, you will be credited a full refund.

Exchanging Products
We offer a wide range of items, so you may, after ordering, realize that another item we offer is a better fit for your kitchen. Contact us immediately, and if the order has not shipped, an exchange can easily be made. If the order has shipped, please refer to the Product Return Instructions above.

Undeliverable Orders
If your order is undeliverable because of an incorrect or incomplete shipping address which you provided to us, and your order is returned to us, you will need to decide if another shipping attempt is to be undertaken. If you would like us to make a secondary shipping attempt, you will be responsible for the cost of the first shipping attempt. If you decide you would not like us to make a secondary shipping attempt, we will refund the purchase price less the cost of the first shipping attempt.

Because mistakes can happen, we highly recommend that you completely review the emailed order invoice when you receive it. This invoice will contain the shipping instructions we have received from you. If these shipping instructions are incorrect, contact us immediately, as we may still be able to correct the shipping instructions before the item ships.

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